Before reviewing each drill, let’s understand the basics of some of the drills that are present in the market. This will ensure that you make an informed choice to select the best drill for yourself.

A cordless drill is just like a normal drill. However, it can operate on rechargeable batteries as well. It is a versatile tool primarily designed to drill holes and drive screws.

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Cordless trimmers are common nowadays, but we completely understand that finding the right one for yourself can be a hectic task. This is true especially when the market is full of amazing choices and everyone seems to be blowing his own trumpet.

But, don’t be confused because we have got everything covered for you. So, without further ado let’s jump to it!
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An impact driver is a tool that uses both concussive blows and bit rotation to power-drive screws. This combined action of powerful blows and smooth rotation results in an unadulterated and raw power.

It is to be noted that, impact drivers have two to three times the turning force (torque) as compared to an average cordless drill/driver.
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