After testing over 30 cordless trimmers and running them through a series of tests, we have come up with the list of top 10 that would suit you based on your needs and requirements.

This article will cover each and everything you need to know about trimmers and help you make an informed decision while making the purchase. We would be covering the cons of each product along with the pros. This would ensure that you have a neutral and unbiased understanding of the trimmer.

Cordless trimmers are common nowadays, but we completely understand that finding the right one for yourself can be a hectic task. This is true especially when the market is full of amazing choices and everyone seems to be blowing his own trumpet.

But, don’t be confused because we have got everything covered for you. So, without further ado let’s jump to it!

However, before we get into the nitty gritty details of each cordless trimmer – let’s discuss the main types of this useful device so that we can have a basic understanding.

There are three main types of cordless trimmers:

  • Gas powered trimmer
  • Battery powered trimmers
  • Electric trimmers
The most commonly used one is the electric cordless trimmer.
Now, let’s have a look at some of the best cordless trimmers so that you can make an informed choice.

Top Cordless Trimmers – Top 10 Roundup!

Trimmer Name
Cutting Width
Black and Decker
Black and Decker LST136W
40 V
7.8 LB
Black and decker GH900
Black and Decker GH900
120 V
5.5 LB
Earthwise ST00115
Earthwise ST00115
120 V
8.25 LB
Worx 32 Volt GT2
Worx 32- Volt GT2.0
32 V
6.2 LB
Kobalt 40 Volt Max KST
Kobalt 40 Volt Max KST 120x-06
40 V
8 LB
Ryobi P2060A
18 V
9.1 LB
TORO 51480
40 V
7.5 LB
Core CGT400
21 V
11 LB
Cub Cadet ST59L
20 V
10 LB
Sun Joe TRJ609E
120 V
4.6 LB

We have tested and compiled this list of top ten cordless trimmers that will give your lawn a professional look.

Black and Decker String Trimmer LST136W

If you are looking for a trimmer that has a wide cutting path then Black and Decker LST136W is the perfect choice for you. You can adjust the LST136W trimmer to different levels.
However, you should keep it mind that it only has a single string rather than two.

If you are concerned about the battery life then you have to know that it is 25 minutes.

It has a power command dial that helps you select between the maximum power to cut thick weeds. The delivery of higher power level allows the job to be done quickly and efficiently.

What Does it Come With?

It comes with. (One battery, Fast charger, SpoolGuard)

POWER: It uses 40-volt Lithium Ion battery and charges in an hour. The battery is interchangeable with other tools, and you can replace the discharged battery with a new one.

DESIGN: It’s very lightweight and lies at 7.8 pounds including the battery. The trimmer head rotates 180 degrees to convert the trimmer into an edger without taking any time. This is quite a handy feature if you previously bothered by this interchangeable functionality in conventional trimmers.

  • Power command dial for an easy shift in the Power level
  • Power can be adjusted to conserve battery life
  • Automatic Feed Spool for continuous work
  • It has a single string instead of dual string

Black and Decker String Trimmer GH900 Review

Black and Decker GH900 is perfect for those who are looking a lightweight and efficient weed cutter.

One of the most promising features of this cutter is the fact that it goes through the line pretty quickly.  You don’t need to adjust line without removing the cap over and over again.

The weight of this multifunctional trimmer is 5.5 pounds and without a doubt provides an excellent value for money. It offers a large cutting radius and high power. This is quite suitable if you need to get the job done very quickly. However, you might face some difficulty to handle the front handle at some angles.

POWER: GH900  comes with 6.5-volt battery and offers powerful trimming feature for grass. A 14-inch cutting path allows you to work with minimal effort and produce best results.

DESIGN: It can adjust to different heights and can quickly rotate to trim weeds. There is a single wheel that you move it without any hassle.

  • It is very affordable
  • Its head quickly adjusts for trimming and edging your lawn
  • It stores additional spools of line in a plastic bag
  • It comes with only a two-year warranty
  • Handle in the front is hard to handle at certain angles

Earthwise ST00115 String Trimmer Review

Earthwise ST00115 is a dual line electric weed trimmer to trim grass. The cutting heads have three adjustable positions for accurate trimming. Moreover, this cordless trimmer also features an automatic dual 0.065 line feed.

Here, it is worth noting that the rotating handle easily twists to trim and edge.

The auto feed line allows you to change the spool whenever it’s required. One of the notable features of EARTHWISE ST00115 is having a straight shaft that can reach areas which are otherwise inaccessible by other conventional lawnmowers.

POWER: It has a nice safety feature that ensures it only starts when you are ready. Hence, you save a lot of battery this way.

There is a 15 inch cutting path and a 6.25 amp motor that gets a lot done in less time and with higher efficiency.

DESIGN: It has an adjustable handle that gives you control over different types of areas. The shaft is extendable and this is one of the most useful features if the trimmer has to be used by people of different heights.

There is a dual line feed that makes two lines rotate around the head of the trimmer.

  • Head has three different positions
  • It trims grass from various angles
  • Environment-friendly machine
  • No user manual or contact information
  • It comes with a two-year warranty

Worx 32- Volt GT2.0 String Trmmer/Edger/Mini-Mower

This is a multifunctional product that comes with three features.

  • Trimming
  • Edging
  • Mowing

Moreover, there is a dual position wheel and a cutting diameter of 12 inches. One of the best features of this product is that it can be used as a mini trimmer and trims even in the areas that are difficult to reach.

This trimmer allows you to adjust the height of the shaft. Hence, it is very useful if multiple people with different heights have to use it.

POWER: It comes with 32V max lithium ion battery along with three trimmer spools and charger.

DESIGN: It is lightweight and comfortable to use for extended time. There are multiple handle adjustments. Moreover, the lever is also adjustable – allowing you to change the length of the shaft.

  • Quick release lever
  • Changes from the trimmer to edger or mower in seconds
  • 100% single line feed
  • Sometimes difficult to change the adjustments

Kobalt 40 Volt Max KST 120x-06 String Trimmer Review

It is a well designed cordless trimmer that will trim your lawn efficiently in less time. It is similar to a gas trimmer but way better if you compare in terms of features. The ease of use makes it an even more promising product to use.

The battery power is amazing – allowing you to cut up to 1.75 miles on a single charge. Moreover, there is an option of speed customization and you can adjust it according to your needs and requirements.

The remarkable design features of this electric string trimmer is a straight shaft that allows you to reach areas which are otherwise really hard to access.

POWER: It comes with an interchangeable battery which is quite easy to replace during work.

The 40-volt battery gives enough power to handle different types of grass and weed while the different speed levels allow you to cut efficiently based on the requirements.

When you combine both of these aforementioned features – you get a remarkable power saving capability in a great product.

DESIGN: This electric cordless trimmer has a dual string head and a cutting diameter of 12 inches. This cutting diameter is of good size and enables you to cut different areas of your lawn. The handle is designed to have a tight grip.

  • It has a  powerful battery
  • It comes with five warranty
  • It doesn’t have an adjustable shaft which makes it difficult to use for people with different heights
  • It is a bit heavyweight.

RYOBI P2060A Cordless String Trimmer Review

This cordless trimmer is a multifunctional weed trimmer that will keep your lawn tidy. It has a unique design with many features. It weighs 8 pounds, offers an incredible ease of use and is quite adjustable. Moreover, you can also adjust the string at various lengths ranging from 10-12 inches.

This is one of the most versatile picks on our list and produces great results.

POWER: It has the 18-volt power that can trim all kinds of weeds and gives results similar to a 40-volt battery. The battery has a long life and charges completely within an hour.

DESIGN: It has a durable plastic and metal design which makes it lightweight. The rotating head is convenient for edging and the shaft is adjustable for people with different heights. Moreover, the handle adjusts to give you the right angle to cut weed.

  • It adjusts to the height of different people.
  • Its rotating head adjusts for edging
  • It has multiple cutting lengths
  • It has below average 18-volt battery
  • Doesn’t give you same control as you get with wheels.

TORO 51480 Electric String Trimmer Review

If you are looking for a trimmer that is lightweight and user friendly then this can be a suitable choice for you. Moreover, one of the promising features of this trimmer is plenty of power that it holds within it.

The weight is 7.5 pounds and the cutting diameter is 14 inches. Furthermore, the 5 AMP motor is quite powerful to deliver high performance. The usual time taken to complete the work is less as compared to other trimmers as it is quite user friendly. The one touch push button quickly converts into and edger in seconds.

POWER: It has a 5 AMP motor that gives enough power to trim your lawn. You don’t need to worry about charging it or replacing the battery while working. Its power intensity remains at the same level.

DESIGN: The head rotates when you press the button. This allows you to trim the grass and have detailed edging. The shaft is adjustable for people of different heights and the line is adjusted automatically by pulling a trigger on the handle.

  • Its shaft extends for different heights
  • Its head is also adjustable
  • Auto feed doesn’t always work
  • Sometimes you have to adjust the line manually
  • It comes with a two-year warranty

CORE CGT400 Cordless String Trimmer Review

The trimmer is very light and quite user friendly. So, if you are not a macho body builder and want things simple then this is perfect for you!

You can use it to cut grass and non-woody weeds. Moreover, it is one of the most perfectly balanced cordless trimmers that have high energy power cell.

It comes with a new motor technology known as Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy used for a new line of gasless emission. This technology is designed to overcome the previous old fashioned ones.

POWER: The power cells slide at the back of the trimmer and can be swapped out for blowers.

DESIGN: It is spiny with a grab bar and has triggers in the middle.

  • Powerful and smooth cutting
  • Looks like a gas engine trimmer
  • Problems in line feeding

CUB CADSET ST59L Electric String Trimmer Review

It comes with a lithium ion trimmer that allows you to use it anywhere in the home. It doesn’t smell and comes with a five-year warranty.

One of the best features is that it has a good run time in a mixture of short grass and tall grass. It is easy to use because of its unique design.

POWER: Lithium-ion battery powers it. You can use it for quite some time on one charge.

DESIGN: It is easy to handle and comes with a unique D-ring handle to give comfort. The handle is covered with rubber that absorbs vibrations.

  • It has a 40-minute runtime
  • Sometimes it is tiring to use

SUN JOE TRJ609E Cordless String Trimmer Review

This cordless trimmer is at the end of our list of the best cordless trimmers.  It has all the essential features and is affordable and easy to use. Moreover, the weight is only 3.3 pounds.

Featuring an ergonomic handle, it gives you comfort and less strain during work. At this point, it is worth noting that if you have to cut grass in tight spaces then this is a really best choice for you.

POWER: It comes with 3 AMP motor that is enough to power this cordless trimmer.

DESIGN: It comes with a unique design having a green 38-inch curved plastic shaft.

  • It is lightweight
  • Ergonomically friendly to use
  • It operates quite well on bump line feed system
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • There is no precision in edging
  • The cutting path is small at 9.45 inches

This brings us to the end of our roundup for best cordless trimmers in the market. Our dedicated team has ensured that we check and test out each product thoroughly. The purpose is to give the most honest reviews and enable you to make an honest choice. However, if you still believe that we missed something then do let us know. We would love to hear from you.

At this point, we would like you to know that all the reviewed trimmers are the best that you can find in the market. However, the right choice depends on your needs and requirements.

If you have any questions or queries, do let us know in the comments! Cheers!

Happy Trimming!