Every cordless power tool needs a good charger when the battery is drained. The battery might be powerful and long-lasting, but with a bad charger, it cannot be as reliable as such. That is why you should be sure to choose the right charger for your battery.

If you have a Kobalt cordless power tool, the best charger must also be from Kobalt. Specifically, the Kobalt 24-Volt Max Power Tool Battery Charger is one amazing charger to go for.


Here is a detailed review of the Kobalt charger



This is a 110W, 24-volt max power battery charger that can deliver incredible power to juice up your 24-volt max power Lithium-Ion batteries. To top that, it has enough power to recharge your battery in just about 30 minutes. In this case, you will not be retarded with your projects.


Protection Features

Are you worried that your batteries might overcharge, which makes them start overheating? Well, you shouldn’t be when you have this charger. The charger comes with an auto air cooling system. You already know what that helps with, don’t you? If you don’t know, this feature will protect your battery from overheating when it is charging.



Sometimes, you need to know if the battery is charging or not. Also, it would be nice if you’d know whether the battery is fully charged or not, wouldn’t it? It sure would, and that is why this charger is worth considering. The charger features an LED charge indicator. This LED light allows you to know if power is flowing to your battery and if the power tool is ready to be used again. You will also know if the battery is fully charged.

So you might ask ‘is this charger compatible with all the Kobalt cordless power tools?’ The answer is no. Rather, the charger can only be used with Kobalt 24-Volt Max Li-Ion batteries. Do not use it with Kobalt 12V or 40V batteries.



Everybody wants to be sure with the product that they are purchasing, right? That is why manufacturers offer a warranty with their supplies. However, it is never a common thing to see a power tool charger coming with a warranty. But Kobalt defies the odds and offer their power tool charger with a warranty.

Basically, you will be covered by a 3-year long warranty when you purchase this charger. That proves that it has been made to not only be reliable when recharging your power tools but also serve you for long.


  •        It can charge batteries in 30 minutes
  •        Features an LED charge indicator
  •        It features an auto air cooling system to prevent overheating
  •        Backed by a 3-year warranty


  •  It doesn’t have USB ports
  • Doesn’t come with a protective cover

Buy or Pass? Without any doubt, buy. The battery charger is the best partner you can buy for your Kobalt 24-Max power tool. It comes with a nice design, and will definitely prove reliable when you want to juice up your battery. The safety and convenience features are amazing, which gives you an easy time when using it. Above all, Kobalt covers it with a 3-year warranty, making it a charger worth buying.