Kobalt-40V comes with a high-performance battery which delivers fade-free power and no memory loss after charging. It is rechargeable and takes 1.25 hours to fully charge. Moreover, there is a battery system for seven lawn care tools.

Kobalt Power Equipment for lawn care is a complete package to take care of your lawn to make it look all neat and tidy. With its exceptional features of long time battery usage ability and continuous power level indication makes it easier to mow your lawn.

Apart from that, the fuel gauge provides an easy check on power level which keeps you up to date with the power capability of Kobalt Power Equipment.

Kobalt 40-V Power Equipment Battery


Portable device

For devices like Kobalt Power Equipment, their weight is a key influential factor for me prior to making my purchase decision. It is a portable device that can be carried from one place to another easily as it weighs just 1.9 pounds.

With the weight of only 1.9 pounds, Kobalt Power Equipment is not only easy to use around but it also creates ease in your maneuverability. Unlike the conventional devices available in the market, Kobalt Power Equipment provides lightweight device which gives better results.

One of the reasons for exceptional user’s review for Kobalt Power Equipment is it’s lightweight structure which requires less effort to work with and consumes less time.   

LED Lights

There is no LED light. Therefore, it works more conveniently during daylight.  Otherwise, you need an extra light source to work at night or in dimly lit areas.

Battery Status and Power Capacity

Battery timing is an essential feature before finalizing your purchase decision. Kobalt Power Equipment comes with 40-V Max Li-ion battery with 2.5 amp hours. High voltage batteries show perfection and offer good battery time to the consumer.

One of the feature that made Kobalt Power Equipment my first choice was its ample battery time. Without the stress of your battery running out of charge, you may mow your lawn regardless of charging issues.


  • Excellent equipment
  • High power battery
  • Fast charging capability


Every gadget is structured in a mechanism to cater certain specific needs. Kobalt Power Equipment is perfectly designed for the latest land mowing needs of today’s era therefore, it comes with all the necessary supporting gadgets required. However, according to user’s review the recharging time of the Kobalt Power Equipment is nearly 1.5 hours which makes it hefty to use in relatively larger areas.


With the specification of rechargeable battery within 1.5 hours and a gauge for constant visibility of fuel level depicting the power capacity keeps you updated in regard to your Kobalt Power Equipment and its potential capability.  


If you are looking for a high power battery that has fast charging capability then this is one of the best batteries that you might want to get your hands on. Get your lawn mowed now not only in less time but also using less effort.